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If you have scheduled something and are mentally prepared for that, then you are making plans according to that. What if someone tells you that the things will be late by a month at that moment how would you feel? In most cases, there will be a sense of stress and frustration.

Once you have internalized the fact, then you would want to figure out why it happened and how could this be prevented in the next project or process. Same goes with the construction projects because the complication and length vary from the nature and plan of the project. For instance, if you have a megaproject, then the complexity and planning will be different as compared to a small residential project.

Just to add the delay causes can be pretty much simple and one can be in a claim for a small project. If you want to get some advice on the scheduling and how to avoid being late, then you can take on the professional assistance of delay expert so that the project can be delivered on time. 

While you are approaching them to read on this article to understand possible causes of the delay for any given construction project.

delays in construction projects

Top causes of delay for a construction project:

Delay in any project can cause a lot of hassle for all stakeholders because they are not taking on extra time but also misuse of resources. Delay might have universal reasons which can be understood for the evident project success.

There are several causes which can lead the project to a delay situation and following are some of the most critical delay causes:

Subcontractor delay:

One of the most common reasons for a delay is from the subcontractor’s ends, and this can happen because of the inefficiency, problems with the planning and vendors. The contractors and stakeholders might not be able to anticipate this delay situation from beforehand, so in most cases, it all comes down to planning and monitoring.

Supply delay:

When you do not have the right products to work with, in that case, the delay is inevitable. The supply delays can put everything on hold messing up with the schedule. These delays can be handled to be in touch with vendors and order new range as soon as the material is about to end. If you are going to wait till the last minute, you will be in delay claims.

Climate delay:

The most unexpected and uncontrollable delays are related to climate. This is because no matter how advanced the technology is nothing can beat the nature call. If all of sudden it starts to pour rain then it can be difficult to even save the resources such as cement or sand as well as any other thing, let alone continuing the project.

Concluding remarks:

Delays can directly impact project success, and they can be wastage of the resources. However, if you want to avoid being in any claim then keeping an eye on the prospective schedule issues will save you big time. In case you want to get some expert advice then opt for the delay expert so that the project can get better direction. 

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