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Buildings continue to build, and when the new projects are coming in, then the contractors and managers have to see how to complete things on time without compromising the overall quality of work. When project managers embark on the new project, then they have to weigh the tasks, timeline and even the elements which determine the success of the project.

For any project, the critical path method is used to organize the essential tasks, assign them tasks and have the work schedule for the project. The method is used to align the project with overall productivity and an estimated schedule of the project.  Often when the projects are not able to follow the timeline, then they are not able to stick to the critical path for the schedule resulting in delay.

If you are starting off a projector in the mid stuck with a delay, then you need to seek advice from industry experts. When you are running behind your project schedule, then take on the professional insight from the delay expert to sort the problem out.

This article is going to share some ways CPM can decrease the chances of delay in your current or upcoming projects.

Essential ways critical path method can decrease delay chances:


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When there is a project, then there has to be a timeline for completing the project. At that moment, the creation of critical path will play a crucial role because it will have elements of all tasks which are necessary to complete for the project and assigning the tasks to the respective people.

Following are some reasons following CPM is essential to complete the project on time:

Help in developing a project schedule:

When you have the project in hand and understand the resources which are available for the entire project, then the CPM will help in building the project schedule. It means you will be able to know when and how the project will complete even when you will stretch to the maximum length.

 For example, if you have a one-story building, then you will need less time as compared when you have multiple story high-rise buildings, and CPM will determine it.

Assign responsibilities with deadlines:

CPM will be useful in assigning the responsibilities of people who are involved in the construction. While assigning the tasks, you will have the opportunity to give them the ultimate deadline. The deadlines will align with the CPM to keep the entire force moving and working so that no one lacks behind. 

Help prioritize the tasks:

There are so many tasks involved in the construction project and not every task is at the priority. With critical path method employed the tasks which can hamper the overall project schedule can be put at priority for the completion. Any delay related tasks can be done on time, and those of less priority can be handled after.

Last words:

Delays are threatening for the project and the overall reputation of the project manager. Critical path method is one way to decrease the chance of delay, and you can always consult the professional delay expert for proper guidance to move ahead in the project.


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