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The construction industry is no doubt the key driver in economic growth. However, it is considered the juggler vein of UAE’s economy because mega construction projects bring progress in the society. Not only this, infrastructural developments help in attracting foreign direct investments which ensure the country’s stability in this globalized world.

According to the International Construction Market Survey 2018, construction in UAE is going through a paradigm shift. The primary reason is that the government is focusing on improved infrastructural advancement. The investigation of 46 markets across the globe has indicated mix trends in residential and commercial building projects.

Facing Delays in Commercial Construction? Here’s the solution

However, the risk factors remain almost the same over the years. It requires individual resolve and state’s consolidated strategies.

commercial construction delays

One of the most prevalent risk factors in construction projects is the delay. Unfortunately, delays are perhaps the fundamental elements of commercial projects which must be dealt with wisdom and expertise. Therefore, various construction company, contractors and even the projects owners hire the services of professional delay expert to estimate procrastination and its impact on their projects.

Let’s consider a few disruption or delays occur in commercial projects and never-ending ways to avoid them as much as possible:

Procrastination of Permit Approval

There are a few things you cannot speed up no matter how hard you try to fasten it. Among these, approval of construction permit is a slow process. It sometimes leads to postponement of the building process. The main reason is that local authorities take time to consider the location and other factors while approving working there.

Since there is no authentic way to speed up the process of approval, it is better to leave a considerable time in the contract to spare it for approval tasks. Further, you might make the contract timeline once the permit is taken to start the work.

The Breakdown in Effect Communication

Lack of communication is one of the most potent reasons for delays in construction projects.  Generally, in a commercial project, four stakeholders must sit together and discuss the terms and conditions of the plan. This includes the contractor, the project owner, subcontractor, and project architect.

Miscommunication or lack of proper understanding of the project can lead to arguments and delays. Therefore, it is essential to look for different opportunities to ensure an appropriate dialogue before making any change in the design or construction plan.

Long-Lead Construction Materials

Similar to the process of permits, some construction materials need considerable time for delivery on site. It might take a long time which moves the project towards deferment. In this regard, the contracti9ng parties must understand the fact that more extensive or more significant projects require more time to get started.

The golden rule of dealing with such delays is to identify the long-lead materials even before signing the contract. It will give you an upper hand to contact suppliers to provide the required materials in time.

However, experienced contractors always know how to deal with the risk related to suspension or procrastination of the projects. They initiate dialogues for effective resolves and get assistance from eminent delay expert to ensure success in disputes.

Final Thought

Summing up, commercial projects are mega ventures which should be planned and executed in a coordinated manner. Therefore, all contracting g parties should be on the same page of trust in case of any trouble.

Don’t forget to consider the complexity of the project while setting the construction timeline for completion.