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The construction market has changed to an unprecedented level in the past decade, and it continues to change faster than you think. The growing impact of the fourth industrial revolution has changed the concept of almost every skill which was considered vital before. New unsettling technologies make it a task difficult to search for the best quantum analyst at the nexus of this change.

It requires a lot of extraordinary skills, coupled with a sound understanding of various disciplines to evaluate a construction claim accurately and effectively. As a claim in construction requires an individual to analyze the evidence, and prepare a concise and accurate report. Therefore a quantum expert holds the reins for numerous tribunal and jurisdictions such as construction costs, forensic planning, and construction delay.

Constructional claims require expert advice and financial resolution, whether it is on the cost management or backing through negotiation in a formal dispute. Therefore, there are certain essential qualities to look for in an expert quantum analyst to take care of your business.

Skills to hunt that make an expert quantum analyst

Quantum analysts are often referred to as financial appraisers, so you need not worry about your construction claim’s financial expenses. But that means that you hire an expert to take care of any unforeseen event to save you from any expensive mistakes. Listed below are some of the salient and climacteric qualities of an expert in the quantum field.

Multifaceted problem resolving

Finding the problem, breaking it down for more accessible analysis and then devising a plan to address it is the core of a veteran analyst. Through years of specialized education and experience, they resolve every aspect of a dispute. And more importantly, they pluck out the root cause of the issue which caused the conflict to occur in the first place.  

Addressing Risks and Examining Safety

Another spotlight precept of all quantum analysts is the responsibility of public safety, and independent, impartial work from litigation, while resolving the dispute. They examine the previous trends and dig down deep into the investigations to prevent any failures or mishaps, and mitigate the impact for the times to come.

Avoiding avoidable consequences

Professional analysts know which prospects to engage in and which to steer clear of. Apparently, there are some distinct competing advantages which appear too good to the eye, but the consequences behind them are far more costly than the perks. Therefore skillful analysts make the best use of his/her training and avoid any avoidable effects.

Comparison on a valid basis

Comparisons are always a part of a dispute and construction claims are no exception. However, an expert analyst evaluates the case without leaving any aspect to make sure what ought to, and what happens on the equivalent and valid basis. Several specialists often discount this practice, but this makes the difference between a veteran and a novice.


Sound quantum analysts are a jack of all the subjects; he has a wide-ranging grip that extends to economics, law, accountancy, and numerous other issues. Therefore, before reaching upon a conclusion, a quantum expert ensures that all the disciplines justify the decision. It is done to strike a perfect balance for the solution to accommodate and consequently apply.


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If you have scheduled something and are mentally prepared for that, then you are making plans according to that. What if someone tells you that the things will be late by a month at that moment how would you feel? In most cases, there will be a sense of stress and frustration.

Once you have internalized the fact, then you would want to figure out why it happened and how could this be prevented in the next project or process. Same goes with the construction projects because the complication and length vary from the nature and plan of the project. For instance, if you have a megaproject, then the complexity and planning will be different as compared to a small residential project.

Just to add the delay causes can be pretty much simple and one can be in a claim for a small project. If you want to get some advice on the scheduling and how to avoid being late, then you can take on the professional assistance of delay expert so that the project can be delivered on time. 

While you are approaching them to read on this article to understand possible causes of the delay for any given construction project.

delays in construction projects

Top causes of delay for a construction project:

Delay in any project can cause a lot of hassle for all stakeholders because they are not taking on extra time but also misuse of resources. Delay might have universal reasons which can be understood for the evident project success.

There are several causes which can lead the project to a delay situation and following are some of the most critical delay causes:

Subcontractor delay:

One of the most common reasons for a delay is from the subcontractor’s ends, and this can happen because of the inefficiency, problems with the planning and vendors. The contractors and stakeholders might not be able to anticipate this delay situation from beforehand, so in most cases, it all comes down to planning and monitoring.

Supply delay:

When you do not have the right products to work with, in that case, the delay is inevitable. The supply delays can put everything on hold messing up with the schedule. These delays can be handled to be in touch with vendors and order new range as soon as the material is about to end. If you are going to wait till the last minute, you will be in delay claims.

Climate delay:

The most unexpected and uncontrollable delays are related to climate. This is because no matter how advanced the technology is nothing can beat the nature call. If all of sudden it starts to pour rain then it can be difficult to even save the resources such as cement or sand as well as any other thing, let alone continuing the project.

Concluding remarks:

Delays can directly impact project success, and they can be wastage of the resources. However, if you want to avoid being in any claim then keeping an eye on the prospective schedule issues will save you big time. In case you want to get some expert advice then opt for the delay expert so that the project can get better direction. 

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Essential Tips to Quantify Damages of Payments Delays

Construction projects can face a challenge if the finances are not managed properly. This is because when they do not have the money or resources for the project, then it can result in delay and claims. For the success of the project, the resources allocation and report should be on point.

Most of the construction projects have the expert handling their financial matters so that there is no problem in solving anything which comes up. Also, these skilled people on the team can come really handy because they are the one tracking everything and making decisions related to finance.

Often people stuck in claims which involve the aspect of money and cash flow. There is the time when there is a dire need to have professional financial advice and if you are stuck in something like that then opt for the top-notch services of Quantum expert so that you can continue the project.

If your project has opted for the construction financial manager, then this article is going to share the information on what should the manager be doing to uplift your project.

Top things the construction financial manager ought to do:

During the planning phase, you have to decide on the allocation of the budget but also along the way as the project progress. Given that you have opted for the professional services now you need to use the opportunity to make the most out of it.

The competition in the industry is high, and you have to pay special attention to the accuracy, usage, and monitoring of the financial matters as well as the progress of the manager. Following are some essential things which one should expect from a skilled financial manager:

Manage operational and fixed costs:

The role of operational and fixed cost cannot be ignored so the expert should be able to maintain a balance between an operating budget and a fixed budget. The allocation should be in a way that once the fixed cost is finalized, then it does not directly negatively impact the operating budget. Planning for the operating budgets and approximate estimations will provide the right idea of how things are going to work out.

Manage liquidity of the project:

When you are starting off a project, then it is the job of the financial manager to offer comprehensive information on how the liquidity of the project will be managed. It is essential to ensure that the manager has adequate liquidity in hand so that profits can be measured.

Manage internal control:

The internal control of the project is an essential element, and this includes compliance with standards, financed by the operations and lastly the reporting related to cash flow. The manager should be able to handle the financial and accounting measure as per the best practices in the industry so that the project can progress successfully.

Take away!

Financial managers are the core of any project, but the contractor should be aware of their responsibility so that there are no loopholes. In case you do not have the financial manager yet and want to have professional advice then check out the proficient services of Quantum experts so that your projects can be a great success.


Investing in construction projects is not a piece of cake because the project owners have to be capable of providing adequate financing as per the requirements.  Not all projects are lucky enough to get timely investments as sometimes the owner delays payments owing to some unavoidable reasons.

It seems a petty thing but asks a contractor who might have gone through the situation, and you will get to know the repercussions.  There is no denying that money is essential for keeping the project in running status and to complete it within time.

As already said that some situations could not be avoided, but if you get stuck into a scenario of payment, it is better to deal the matters wisely.  It is suggested to get assistance from a professional quantum expert to turn the delay into financial damage and then consider the claim negotiations.  Read the post to get some handy tips:

Essential Considerations for Quantifying Payment delay damages



Payments delay is a phenomenon in the construction industry that refers to the issues of late delivery of financial resources by the project owners. In simple words, the project owners delay payments required for purchasing construction materials pay the wages to the labor and other such expenses.

The consequences of such delays are grave because it potentially disturbs regular building process. It not only causes a long time taken to complete the project but also frustrates the contractor that ultimately results in poor quality construction.

Let’s consider the tips to help contractors significantly to be prepared for handling late payment matters in construction:

Consider the Situation Critically

It is imperative to understand that successful completion of construction projects are the result of coordinated efforts by all stakeholders. So, if the contractor finds a slight delay in payment delivery, don’t get panic.

However, if the payments are delayed more than the expected, then the project manager or contractor should ask the project owner and inquire about the reason. Now, it is time to decide whether to wait or take some action.

The decision should be based on concrete reasons, the analysis of payment scenario and future needs of the projects.

Make a Damage claim wisely

In the case that the contractor or builder have decided to take adequate action for the delay in payments, the claim should be made carefully. You cannot just get into a claim request that has no substantial grounds to be proved or compensated.  Be careful because it is not always that making a claim is the key to compensation.

Select Claim resolving method smartly

After making a claim, the disputing parties should come to the dialogue table and select a way to resolve the issue peacefully. It is vital because disruption, postponement or abandonment is not in the best interest of any party. So, you may go for negotiation, mediation or alternative dispute handling methodologies to make the things better for successful completion of the project.

Hire financial appraisers Timely

Last but not least, it is essential to transform the payment delay into a monetary figure to understand the actual loss. For this reason, it is better to acquire the services of a top-notch quantum expert for estimating financial damages. You may find various experts near you, but it is crucial to opt for the best services by analyzing the experienced and relevancy of work.

Final thought

All in all, construction delays are dangerous, especially when the builders are waiting uselessly for the payments. It is because delayed finances are linked with various other factors that lead the projects to postponement or abandonment. It is, therefore, crucial to resolving the issues in time for mitigating the risks associated with lack of finance availability.

Don’t forget to acquire experienced services of financial appraisers to quantifying your damages as the result of late delays!


Buildings continue to build, and when the new projects are coming in, then the contractors and managers have to see how to complete things on time without compromising the overall quality of work. When project managers embark on the new project, then they have to weigh the tasks, timeline and even the elements which determine the success of the project.

For any project, the critical path method is used to organize the essential tasks, assign them tasks and have the work schedule for the project. The method is used to align the project with overall productivity and an estimated schedule of the project.  Often when the projects are not able to follow the timeline, then they are not able to stick to the critical path for the schedule resulting in delay.

If you are starting off a projector in the mid stuck with a delay, then you need to seek advice from industry experts. When you are running behind your project schedule, then take on the professional insight from the delay expert to sort the problem out.

This article is going to share some ways CPM can decrease the chances of delay in your current or upcoming projects.

Essential ways critical path method can decrease delay chances:


Constructional Delay Expert


When there is a project, then there has to be a timeline for completing the project. At that moment, the creation of critical path will play a crucial role because it will have elements of all tasks which are necessary to complete for the project and assigning the tasks to the respective people.

Following are some reasons following CPM is essential to complete the project on time:

Help in developing a project schedule:

When you have the project in hand and understand the resources which are available for the entire project, then the CPM will help in building the project schedule. It means you will be able to know when and how the project will complete even when you will stretch to the maximum length.

 For example, if you have a one-story building, then you will need less time as compared when you have multiple story high-rise buildings, and CPM will determine it.

Assign responsibilities with deadlines:

CPM will be useful in assigning the responsibilities of people who are involved in the construction. While assigning the tasks, you will have the opportunity to give them the ultimate deadline. The deadlines will align with the CPM to keep the entire force moving and working so that no one lacks behind. 

Help prioritize the tasks:

There are so many tasks involved in the construction project and not every task is at the priority. With critical path method employed the tasks which can hamper the overall project schedule can be put at priority for the completion. Any delay related tasks can be done on time, and those of less priority can be handled after.

Last words:

Delays are threatening for the project and the overall reputation of the project manager. Critical path method is one way to decrease the chance of delay, and you can always consult the professional delay expert for proper guidance to move ahead in the project.


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