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The world is making progress at a swift pace, and the skyscrapers touching the clouds are proof of it. They are the result of modern engineering technologies, as well as the contractors and owners who worked hard to make it possible.

The modern infrastructure of the western world attracts people from the whole world. UAE is also giving a fierce competition to the western countries in the form of Burj Khalifa, is the tallest building in the world. However, it would not have been possible without the efforts and dedication of all the workers.

Construction business involves a number of risks and opportunities, and concurrent delays are one of them. The delays can be due to the mistake of an owner or contractor; however, resolving these issues often becomes an enormous hassle. Construction claims consultants Dubai based companies are playing an essential role in resolving the disputes among involved parties and presenting wonderful infrastructure to the world.


4 Ways Claim Consultants Use to Resolve Concurrent Delay Disputes

Construction is a risky task that can only be managed by experts. However, sometimes, the external or internal factors influence the pace of work, ultimately impacting the completion of projects. The concurrent delay means two or more factors simultaneously halt the process and cause obstruction. It can be unavailability of the right material and poor weather conditions.

Disputes arise when the contractor and owner are not ready to accept their respective faults and compensate for the completion of the project. Construction consultant plays an effective role in resolving the issue and ensuring rapid workflow. The following are some of the ways claim consultants utilize to resolve the dispute.

Site Analysis

When a dispute occurs, the very first thing claim consultants do is the visit to the project site. The purpose of the visit is to analyze the progress and quality of the work, in addition to identifying the problem areas. They take the feedback of involved parties and prepare a report of the projects' progress.

Strategy Analysis

After developing the progress report, claim consultants analyze the whole situation. They present a report on the significant issues in the project and the role of each party in the creation and solution of those issues. They also present a strategic analysis in order to help the involved parties reach some point of compromise to resume work on the project.

Cost and Financial Analysis

Claim consultants also prepare cost and financial analysis report of the project, in order to help them have a clear picture of their loss. They utilize it as a strategy of resolving the dispute by making them realize that their actions are adding to their problems.

Negotiated Solution

Lastly, the claim consultants identify the mistakes and role of each party in affecting the progress of the project. They help them in negotiating solutions in the way that both parties have to pay for the damages equally if both are responsible for the loss. They provide solutions keeping in view the legal repercussions of the situation.

Unable to resolve your project disputes?

Are you a construction company or landowner based in Dubai? Are you facing any issue in the completion of the project? You do not need to worry as professionals are here to help you. Hire the services of construction claims consultants Dubai based companies in order to resolve your disputes and minimize the loss.

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