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The construction industry is one of the busiest and tricky work areas. Moreover, claims are an inevitable part of this industry. The claims can lead to disputes, which can cause disruption of work. All of these issues ultimately result in a waste of time and resources.

However, the claims can be resolved with the help of consultants. Before that, it is crucial to explore the two basic types of claims which include contractual and extra-contractual claims.

Contractual Claims

Contractual claims are the simpler level of claims. Construction does not involve only two people or factors that if they work efficiently, the rest of the things will go smoothly. It involves a lot of human and non-human factors that can influence the pace and quality of work.

Therefore, the involved parties agree on a few terms and conditions about the resolution of expected issues. The claims made on the basis of these are called contractual claims.

Extra-Contractual Claims

Extracontractual claims are those who are not included in the agreement. They can arise from the breach of contract or due to the extra work done according to the suitable conditions.

Being the business hub of the world, the construction industry is quite efficient in UAE. The involved parties have to deal with a lot of issues on a routine basis. They generally consult the construction claims consultants Dubai based companies for the resolution of their disputes. This article will shed light on the basic tips which can help the construction industry professionals in avoiding different types of claims.

Top Tips to Avoid Contractual and Extra-Contractual Claims

Construction claims are a major hurdle in the completion of projects. They halt the work process and cause loss from labors to landowners. Therefore, avoiding such issues is the topmost priority of the involved parties.

Below mentioned are some of the tips which can help the involved parties in avoiding these disputes and ensure timely completion of projects.

Prevention in Designing Stage

  • The involved parties should effectively read and discuss the contract documents for in-depth understanding.
  • The involved parties should pay special focus to liability limiting contract clauses, like notice, and damage for the delay.
  • They should have a clear idea of the project delivery system and the role and responsibility of different parties in it.
  • They should have a clear idea about the proposed schedule requirements and the responsibility of coordinators in this regard.

Prevention in Construction Stage

  • The contractor should prepare a detailed report about the cost of material and labor, and the schedule value of the project.
  • The owner should review and document the bids and schedules prepared by the contractor.
  • In case of any disapproval, things should be handled in documentation and processes without any delay in time.
  • Detailed schedule update discussions should be done monthly if required on the weekly, basis, and a clear picture of the progress should be presented.
  • Periodical field supervision and record maintenance should be kept updated.

Worried about the resolution of contractual or extra-contractual claims?

If you are established in UAE, you do not need to worry about the resolution of any type of construction claims. You can take help from the construction claims consultants Dubai based companies and ensure timely, as well as the smooth resolution of all your disputes. You will also be able to minimize your loss and ensure timely completion of the project.

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