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The industry of construction is full of ups and downs owing to the complexity of projects. In many cases, disputes occur frequently. A quantum analyst does all the work that you might be taking for granted as a construction project owner. 

A well-informed and inquisitive quantum witness is crucial to your construction project in case of claims. Whether it’s the matter of understanding legal documents, cash flows, timelines or cost, and damage analysis, he will cover it all for you. Now you might realize this is exactly what you shouldn’t be taken-for-granted.

Why is there no alternative for a quantum analyst?

A professional in the field of construction quantum is the only one who knows the subject of law, economics, accountancy, and construction process, all at once. Unless the project manager or an owner himself knows all of these subjects, reliance on quantum experts is what they should resort to. Following are a few highlights of what an analyst can offer:


Relevant experience

An experienced analyst knows the history and philosophy of projects more than anyone else. They’re capable of recognizing causation, for optimizing the losses and gains during a construction project.

Even if someone knows what a construction project requires, it will still be unfathomable to recognize the problems the way a professional does. It is because of his primary job and he can find links between things happening around due to his experience.

Correct identification of a cause of a problem

Anyone might see an obvious discrepancy, but it requires a quantum expert to reach to the root cause of that problem. He can identify whether the situation was in control of a claimant, or a worker, or was it an unavoidable cause that resulted in a major consequence.  Hence the job of a delay witness and quantum in Dubai is more common than most places.

Thorough understanding of costing

Since experts possess a multi-disciplinary knowledge, along with intricacies of cause-effect matters, he will perform for you estimations and costing analysis, which otherwise is a nearly impossible task for a stakeholder of a construction project to undertake.

Preparation of relevant documents

Documentation is a very crucial part of a construction project. Sometimes there are clauses, which might seem very usual to an ordinary person. But when an expert read it, he’ll intimate the owner of the potential repercussions, if any.  

Offers compensating advantages

There are a lot of things which don’t go as planned whenever a project is going on. Sometimes when some mishap occurs, disadvantages are obvious. But the advantages are hidden and left unnoticed.

Only a professional can identify those positive aspects of the consequences and suggest ways to maximize benefits in such situations as well.

Recognizes unnecessary expenses

Sometimes, over provision occurs in equipment procurement, which isn’t exactly a profitable prospect, because materials get wasted. Expenditures go higher than anticipation, which affects the rest of the payments.


Resolution of claims is crucial for your construction project. Just like a chef knows which sauce to use in which cuisine, a quantum expert can bring your construction project as close to perfection as possible.


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