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When we talk about construction, the first bell that rings is the tall skyscrapers of Dubai along with other majestic construction and engineering projects.  No doubt, the progress in UAE is the result of rapid development in infrastructure. In this way, the construction industry is the backbone of economic stability for the country.

It is equally important to consider the challenges which arise at every stage of the construction. But that’s not the catch! How the construction claims consultants deal with it and resolve it, make them stand out.

The post enables you to understand the role and responsibilities of a professional consultant in the field of construction.

Role of construction claims professionals that you should know

To identify, analyze and prepare construction claims for engineering, and construction-related projects are the primary roles of construction claim consultants. If there is any construction claim, the consultant assesses the situation, authenticates the entitlement, and enumerates the damages by providing an efficient way out within the stipulated time.

Listed below are the most prominent features and solutions that you would find in professional construction claims consultants in Dubai. Experience is one of the critical aspects to look for when you are searching for a professional consultant for construction dispute handling.


Proactive claim identification

The first step to resolve an issue is to identify it accurately. Construction claims consultant follow the same rule. Having sound knowledge and insight about the claims the consultants provide you with active identification of the claim, analysis, quantification, and strategic insights.

Means and methods of construction

In most cases, claims occur due to the negligence of one party or another involved in the construction. Thus, evaluating the performance and conduct of all the parties involved is a prerequisite to resolve such claims.

Risk analysis and management

Wouldn’t it be better to avert a potential threat or risk if you could have foreseen it? Risk analysis and management provide you with an opportunity to steer clear from potential disruptions and costly delays before or during the execution of your project.

The magnitude of risk involved for the clients is directly proportional to the complexity of the engineering or construction project. Therefore, a professional construction consultant would devise a plan that has been time tested. Moreover, it would involve minimum risks for the client.

Unanticipated conditions experts

When it comes to construction, the unexpected and unforeseen conditions are always a looming threat for the client as well as the construction company.

That is when the unanticipated conditions experts jump in to save the day or your building. Understanding and evaluating the site conditions by recognized unforeseen circumstances experts can mitigate a lot of unexpected problems which they have anticipated.

Assessment of damages

To provide an estimate of quantitatively obvious things that may not be hard at all, but it gets really hard at times. It requires a composed and diligent effort to accurately determine different aspects of the project such as cost schedule, estimate, project management, and sequence.

Owing to this very reason, many contractors working on mega projects prefer to hire experienced construction claims consultants to get accurate assessments.

The schedule delay

Unfortunately, the schedule delay is one of the most recurring claims of clients which occur due to the disruption of the project. However, by exploring the construction contract, duration, and project schedules, a cost-effective solution can be timely devised.

Take Away

If you happen to live in the city of the future, Dubai, then it’s your lucky day. In such a situation, you may get an expert opinion from professional consultants regarding disputes handling and claims management. With years of experience and expertise in this field, they provide you with the best possible, cost and time-efficient solutions.

Don’t forget to negotiate the service charges before acquiring the services to avoid the inconvenience!


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