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Construction projects are seldom simple in nature. Their complexity makes them all the more susceptible to disputes and claims.  The size of the construction project adds to the loopholes in its management, which results in party disputes and claims.

Poor administration of the contract, poor drafting, careless mistakes, failure to understand the contract, errors or omissions, incomplete designs, all these and many more factors can contribute towards claims and disputes between parties having values in millions of dollars.

In the Middle East alone the average value of construction disputes amounted to about US $ 91 million. The continually growing industrial sphere of the UAE and the long term cordial relationships parties like to maintain calls for claim resolution to be fast, fair, and leave behind a professional relationship.

And only experts can help achieve that opt for construction claims consultant Dubai and resolve disputes in the fairest, most professional way possible and to provide advice regarding claim prevention during the project.

Tips For Claims Prevention During Construction Phase

Careful documentation, prevention of delays, the creation of a document schedule that's clear for all parties; small initiatives go a long way to prevent disputes in the construction projects.

claims prevention tips

Read the article below to learn some crucial tips that can help with the prevention of claims during the construction phase:

Break Down The Bids

Ask contractors to break down the bid in order to determine what the contract may or may not include. To control the cost system and to establish an ideal budget, opt for all required elements; timely payments and other values etc.

Document The Project Schedule

Documentation is important. So document the complete approved schedule, and ensure that all parties understand the schedule of the project and its performance. There should be no ambiguities in documentation regarding the schedule and work expected.

Minimize Delays

There should be minimal delays in case the owner isn't satisfied with the contractor's schedule. He should not only highlight aspects he isn't happy with but also point out expectation from the next submission.

Update Schedules Continually

Updating schedules are encouraged thoroughly. And the schedule for these updates should also be included in the initial schedule assigned. Every time the schedules are updated, it's important to incorporate the expected and actual conditions in them.

Record What Is Monitored

Record systems should need monitoring and the elements of contract administration for careful preservation. Accurate records are essential for claim resolution which is why it's important to have updated, safely preserved records at all stages. They go on to assist with disputes and defense when presenting any delays the teams face.

Maintain A Journal

The field staff should be advised to maintain diaries regarding the site work. Conditions encountered, visitors, problems along with any instructions issued should be written in the diaries.  Avoid personal remarks when writing down these updates. Weather conditions and the amount of rain or snow should also be recorded.

Maintain A Transaction Register

Date and time for planned submission, actual submission for material and drawings along with the approval time and duration and any resubmissions in case of rejection should be recorded in transaction registers.

Record Delay Events And Costs

Any delay event that occurs should be followed by the recording of the delay that occurred and the costs involved. Idle and standby labor should be given priority in the case. It's also essential to highlight all the responses to actions taken or not, and all the delays encountered.

Record Change Initiatives

Change orders should also be recorded from initiation till the time they settled. In the case of time extensions, request contractors to provide justifications. All adjustments to the base schedule should be considered.

Take Away

Due to the complexities associated with construction projects, it's possible to lose track of the important aspects that need recording maintenance that go on to assist in any delay clams in the future.

For well informed, detail instructions to follow during the construction project, opt for expert construction claims consultants Dubai to help out. The experts not only provide consultation services but ensure that any claim disputes encountered are resolved fairly.