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It is a universal fact that threats are an integral part of the opportunities. It is evident from the disputes in the construction industry that claims are inevitable. So, there is no use of beating the bush when you can get prepared to meet the soaring challenges with experience and wisdom in any industry. The same goes true for extra contractual claims.

However, it is essential that all involved parties in a contract should fully understand the issue before making the noise of unnecessary arguments and conflicts. In case, any party wants to execute a claim; it must seek guidance from the industry experts to have a strong hand over the other. The rule is the same for the opponent or defendant parties because the critical provision of authentic evidence can be highly helpful to eliminate the claims.

Owing to the gravity of claims matters, many contractors in UAE stay ahead by acquiring services from construction claims consulting firms in Dubai. It is done to deal with the expected contractual claims if the circumstances get into the wrong direction in later stages.

Extra Contractual Claims

Extra Contractual Claims are referred to the express provision of a specific contract for the direct loss or additional cost incurred by a party as contract violation compensation. The claims are made under the common law aimed at dealing with contractual rules and regulations.

extra contractual claims

Essential Considerations for Extra Contractual Claims in Construction

There is no denying that the cost of claims in the construction sector is enormous as it stakes not only the finances but also the reputation of the contracting parties. So, in case you face the threat of dispute, follow the given to get through it without potential damages:

Understand The Contract Clauses Thoroughly

Before signing the contract, it is imperative to understand all the given clauses for the safety. But, it is not enough as you have to be pro-active in providing initial due dates and other detail. Be specific and concern about the given clauses because any act of negligence can be detrimental to the project and for your business reputation.

Keep Track Of Changes In The Contract

Once, you have done with contract signing; it is essential to keep a proper record of everything even a slight change made in the plan or contract. You have to be very active in maintaining a track record with in-depth detail to be on the safe side in the later stages of the project completion.

Prepare Detailed Documentation

Recording of all changes and events should not only be in the notes, emails or text messages but you have to prepare a detailed file for the purpose. Don’t forget to maintain proper documents of everything including personal statements, serious conversations, etc. After all, it’s all about the success of your project without any problem or inconvenience.

Hire Experienced Consultants for claims

When any party claims an on-going construction project, it has become crucial for all involved parties to represent evidence in accordance with their adopted stance. For this reason, it is essential to take experience advice from construction claims consultants Dubai based professionals for effective defense.

It has been observed that many contractors potentially lose their cases and bear massive damages owing to lack of proper defense. Therefore, it is imperative to consider the critical aspects of claims with the help of professionals instead of wandering in the larch of severe disappointment and non-professionalism.

Final Thought

Summing up the discussion, you might be the learner who is looking for adequate information about how to deal with extra contractual claims in construction or might be facing the same problem. Whatever, the scenario is – it’s always suggested to have a deep breath and consider the situation from a diverse view.

The reason is that every problem has the solution within it, but in stress and tension, people usually are unable to see the light from the dark. 

Remember! Most of the problems people may face are owing to their lack of attention to detail. So, don’t forget to consider every aspect of the same issue twice in order to get a starting point of resolution to the claim issues in the construction industry.